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Welcome to the Halifax Prep Admissions

It is a great pleasure to introduce you to Halifax Prep. We have designed our website to both provide detailed information about the program and to help you navigate the admission process. We believe in authenticity and transparency, and if after you learn more about us, you believe that Halifax Prep is a good fit for you, we do hope that you will be in touch with us.

Halifax Prep Varsity seeks students who will embrace the unique culture of our program: a culture where a dynamic academic program challenges and stretches students intellectually; a culture where students are encouraged to develop existing interests and talents and find new ones; a culture where skilled faculty inspire and nurture every student; and a culture where each student is known and needed.

The Halifax prep model works. Our graduates will leave Halifax not only excited and prepared for the challenges that await them in college; they will leave eager to make a positive impact on their future communities. We are committed to individual attention and small class sizes, and as such the number of students able to experience our unique and innovative programs each school year is limited.

If you have any questions about Tuition, email [email protected]


​Stephanie Folahan

Vice President

Having dedicated his career to the development of Academic Sports Programs, Scott is the founder of the Armand-Corbeil HS Football program. With over 20 years of experience as teacher, coach and administrator, he brings his extended knowledge to NPU. He understands the importance of training and the constraints of the elite athlete. He is a firm believer of combing sports and academics. "Sports is a great motivational tool to hep guide you through your education. In some cases, your talents can even get you a free ride". 

If you have any questions about courses, email [email protected]

Scott Mcleoad

Head of School